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The latter end of this decade has been truly an exciting time for digital marketers globally because the digital landscape is changing – yet again. We are experiencing a renaissance of sorts and there are also some new challenges that website owners have to content with if they want to keep turning a profit with their operations. The biggest change and concept, if you will is customer-centric marketing written in an article from SEOExplode.

Customer-centric marketing

customer centric marketing

This might sound like a new take on a classic idea, but it transforms into something really novel when you apply it to the Web in general.

Why? Because for the past thirty or so years, webmasters have only been approximating what their niches want to see on their websites.

But now it’s different – the individual user experience is now more important than all other things combined. And the moment you hit upon this jackpot – you’ve stumbled upon Atlantis and you will be automatically catapulted a mile away from your competition.

Offers, offers everywhere

 new offers

Don’t get ads and promotions mixed up because they’re different. Ads exist to generate ad revenue, and people even use tools to block ads.

People are blocking ads so much that the ad-supported website model is becoming obsolete, and website operators are resorting to pay walls and blocking users who use ad blocking technology to maintain profitability. But what if we tell you that ads aside, you can make your own offers stand out?

It appears that making lots of offers on your website through dedicated landing pages is the way to go in 2019 and beyond.

Current stats show that websites that have as many as thirty landing pages are the ones generation more than five times their average leads and sales. As long as the promotions are relevant to users and they do not impede the user experience, there is definitely nothing wrong with making lots of offers on your own website.

But then again, it’s really a question of hitting the sweet spot – or the balance so to speak – so you can put your offers in front of your users without reducing their personal enjoyment of your website. The solution here is relevant offers.

People expect to see only the kind of content that they like, or are interested in. Obviously, a person who was reading about do it yourself pest control would turn his nose up if he was suddenly offered a 12-week crash course on making his poker game better.

The road of your users from ‘just browsing’ to ‘let me get my credit card or PayPal’ must be fully in your control. There shouldn’t be any accidents on your website.

There must be a pre-planned route for every piece of content that you publish; there always has to be a reason for putting up any kind of content. Ultimately, the goal is to make your promotions and offers relevant to your users through the supplementary content available on your website.

More videos please

 more videos

It’s a proven fact: the more visually stimulating and appealing a website is, the better its chances of converting.

Why? Because people like seeing nice images and watching videos. When they see videos, they’ll watch it, and if you are offering new knowledge with an explainer video, they will trust your content and your website even more quickly than with just plain text. Investing in nicely laid out infographics with lots of up to date and relevant information is also an amazing way to establish yourself as an authority in a particular domain.

Don’t forget to build your email list


email list

Email marketing remains a most relevant channel for communicating with prospective leads. Conversion-wise it is still kicking hard, and this is the number one reason why you should pay close attention to your email marketing efforts.

The number one reason why email marketing is still relevant in the age of material design and customer-centric marketing is that people still use email every single day, and they don’t use social media profiles (with LinkedIn as an exception) for serious things – like receiving and analyzing offers of products and services that are important to them. No, those things are still exclusively for their email, and once they give you their email, they’re basically saying – I trust your website, now don’t prove me wrong.

The main impetus when you are doing email marketing is never just to promote products and services, but still, to provide value to the subscribers on your list. The things of value always come first and in higher volume than any other promotion or offer.

The reason for this is you have to ‘fill up’ your list’s trust meter before they can trust that what you are offering or promoting to them is genuinely good and worth their money. This positive association only occurs when you have provided sufficient proof that you are there for their best interests

The formula is really simple: you give in order to receive. The biggest digital marketers on the planet run encyclopedia-like blogs that generate six figure revenue during large promotions. They give away new content like it was nothing. They invest in their lists because it’s the only way to get any decent ROI.

While you still have access to your customers’ emails, make an effort to show them that you are the best in what you do, and there’s no reason for them to look at your competition. You can be sincere in your communications, but you still have to be very strategic. You still need to write great, compelling copy that pulls them in and makes them believe that your promotions are worthwhile.

So there’s really two components to this efforts and if you can accomplish both sides with flair, then it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved. Because even if you are essentially selling to people with your free information, they trust your judgment, and therefore, they will find no reason to back out from really good offers. This is true for all niches, remember that.



People today have a lot of money that is just sitting in drawers collecting dust. You may be one of those people, and you don’t even realize it. You see, there are a lot of people today that are going to want to move forward with getting a bit of money, and aren’t sure how to get to that point.

pawn They are looking at making sure that they are able to get financially secure, and don’t realize that they are sitting on a lot of money by no selling items that they have. For instance, your local pawn shop could very well pay you for a lot of the items that you have in your home right now.

That includes things that you wouldn’t even use any longer, or things that are broken, dusty, or just sitting around. What items could that be? Well, the most common options that many people aren’t using is simple, it’s gold, silver, and platinum.

But here’s the thing. Could you trust a pawn shop to give you the most money? Well, that’s an interesting thing to ask, but the bigger thing to remember is that not all companies that deal with precious metals are on the “up and up”. To the point that you should take into consideration a few notes regarding who you can trust in regards to selling precious metals today.

The Cash For Gold Guys

Before getting into a more trustworthy solution, let’s first look at an option that keeps getting a lot of advertisement time on radio, television and other media outlets. You are going to find that there’s a lot of companies that are going to say that they will pay you top dollar for your gold. Do not believe them. In fact, many of these companies are going to give you pennies on the dollar for any type of gold solution hat you have.

Can they not be trusted? Well, yes, and no. Yes, they technically will give you money for your gold items, but they are not going to give you as much as you think. In fact, you’re going to get a lot less than you think.

So much so that you could end up losing out on the bigger push that you would get from pawn shop. If your goal is to make money with selling your gold items, you are going to find that you will need to trust a resource that is going to pay you a lot more, and that’s not going to happen if you go with a cash for gold option.

These options have high overhead, which means that you are not going to get the money that you think you would, and it’s not a great route to pursue overall.

Pawn Shop Solutions

Now, let’s say that you were to find a lot of gold or other precious metal items in your home. If you for sure have these items, then you will want to look into factoring in some good changes that will help you garner a bit of success.

pawnThat being said, look into getting your metals weighed, and tested by a local pawn shop. They will help you find the value and weight of the items, then will give you money for your goods. That’s right, they will pay you top dollar for precious metals, and will be far more trustworthy then other solutions, simple as that.

Pawn shop solutions are trustworthy when it comes to selling precious metals, and that can be proven by going with them once. Test the waters once, and you’ll find that you can get a lot more money in this regard than other solutions.


If you are selling your unused precious metals, pawn jewelry, come on our pawn shop and sell your jewelry. We are giving more benefits.

pawn shop

pawn shopBefore you start to look into pawning anything, you should take some time to ask a few questions. There are a few questions that are worth considering, especially if you’re going to get the most money. If you don’t ask the following questions, you will end up being surprised by what you may find. Whether you’re going to get a loan or you’re going to sell or even buy, take into consideration a few notes that will help you with the transaction you want most from a pawn shop.

Do You Have Things of Inherent Value?

The first thing to ask is whether or not you have valuable items to sell, pawn, or even trade. Of course, many people will just say that they do, but that’s not enough. You need to understand the elements that you have and whether or not they are truly valuable. If the items you have are not getting a lot of attention on sites like eBay, for instance, then you may not get any sort of push forward. The items that you have must have a collectible, or retail value that goes beyond just the simple element. Things that you deem valuable may be of no value to the pawn shop you visit, so keep that in mind.

Do You Have Precious Metals?

PawnSpeaking of value, you’re going to need to look to see if you have gold, silver, or platinum. These are often the most compelling of options because nearly all pawn solutions will take them and give you top dollar.

The best companies to work with are those that will in fact accept options that are made of these metals, including broken, dirty, and dusty pieces.

That will mean that you will be able to garner a great bit of success with your options. Now, not all jewelry and items are made of 100% pure metal, and that’s where things can get tricky. To ensure that you get the most out of your items, make certain that you have something that is pure, and not plated.

Do You Want A Loan or Sales?

The next thing to ask is in regard to whether or not you want a loan or sales. Which is the best option for your needs? You could always seek out a solution that will garner you a great deal of money from a quick loan, but you will need to pay back options fast, or you will lose your collateral. If you’re looking for straight sales, you can go that route as well, and any major pawn solution will work with.

No matter which option you choose, take time to look at the options that you have and which is going to be best for your needs. Either way, you’ll find that taking your time will be the best thing to move forward with. Take your time, ask a few questions of what you have, and what you want out of a pawn solution, and you’ll no doubt work out with the right solution for your needs.


The printed circuit board is one of the greatest inventions in terms of technology. The common applications of PCB assembly are television sets, radio sets, cellular phones and gaming gadgets.

PCBWhat is PCB assembly? What is it made from? A printed circuit board is the interconnection of electronic components attached on a non-conductive base. A printed circuit board has 2 basic parts, the thin leads and the substrate or base. The thin leads, electrically conductive, are commonly made of metal. The base or substrate is made of non-conductive materials. Some of the raw materials used to manufacture PCBs are laminates, copper foil, copper-clad laminates, and epoxy-coated glass fabric (known as prepregs).

There are 3 general types of boards: single-sided, double-sided and multilayered. The single-sided type has the leads or conductors attached on only one side of the board, while double-sided boards are types where conductors cross from one side to the opposite side of the substrate. Several layers of printed circuits make up the multilayered type.

PCB assembly is electrically done using different technologies. The two known methods are “surface-mount” and “through-hole” technologies. The first, the surface-mount technology, is a method where conductors are directly attached or soldered to the substrate. USB flash drives are an example of this technology.

The older method, through-hole method, uses the method of leads passing through tiny holes on the base, and soldered to connect to the circuits pads on the other side of the substrate. One perfect example of this type is the personal computer.

Who are the people behind printed circuit boards? PCB changed in many ways and continually changes up to this time, and many inventors and innovators are involved. Some of them are Albert Hanson, Thomas Edison, Charles Ducas and Paul Eisler. The German inventor, Albert Hanson, invented his version of the PCB in 1903. He made use of flat conductive foil placed onto an insulated board, which formed several layers.

Chemical method of plating conductors attached on linen paper was invented by Thomas Edison in 1904. Next is Charles Ducas who utilized inks, which are conductive of electrical charges, printed on stencils. This electroplating method of Ducas was invented in 1925. Paul Eisler of Austria invented the PCB for radio sets in 1936.

Eisler’s invention made it to the eyesight of the US Military during the Second World War. One of the greatest breakthroughs of PCB was during this war as it was used to detonate bombs, and used as proximity fuse. It gave way to the victory of the USA against Germany. The PCB concept became commercialized in mid 1950s. In 1961, Hazeltine Corporation patented their version of the Printed circuit board. Hazeltine’s design is through-holed and multilayered. Compound designs came out, in which modern-day PCB originated. Integrated circuit chips were invented in the 1970s.

PCB assembly in general continually improved, and more uses of the PCBs were discovered. Combination of modern manufacturing techniques and printed circuit designs resulted in great changes.

What are the common applications of the PCB? Way back, the PCB was used by the military to ignite bombs. In the modern world, almost every electronic apparatus is made of the PCB. PCB is the foundation of communication devices, gaming gadgets, appliances, automobiles, and many others. It is also applicable in large industries with electronic and automatic controls, like in power plants, and factories.

Wrapping it all up, the printed circuit board started small and unnoticed, yet made it today. At present, this intricate invention makes day-to-day life less complicated in the office, at home, in school, in factories, and in every place you know.


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Won’t it be convenient if you will be able to find a store wherein all the things you are planning to buy are available? Of course, we all want to go in this kind of place. Aside from reducing the time needed to make all the necessary purchases, your effort too will be lessened because you will not need to shop at different stores. Just by dropping in a certain area wherein all your needs are available, your effort and time will be saved.

Nowadays, stores are not just visible in places like in a busy street, mall, or in a nearby market. Instead, some shops or stores can now be seen on the Internet. Just by using a computer or any internet-enable gadgets like smartphones and tablets, you can now have easy access to the products and services of a specific business or company. With just a click, whatever you want to buy will be in your hand. It is now being considered as an innovative way of buying different products and acquiring services from various companies.

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Today whenever we talk of article writers we always associate it with content writers or web content writers.

article-writing-servicesThe reason for this is because many article writers are now writing for the web. In fact, every time you go online, there are companies or websites in need or writers or rewriters, whether it is freelancers or for full time basis. For those who are considering being an article writer, there are some things you need to know. First, there will be times that you won’t be getting any writing jobs.

This is the reason why many writers do not rely on one website alone.
What are the benefits of being an article writer? In the first place, freelance writers have a huge community.

This means they are not bound in a particular place. Not like those who work in the office, they need to get up at a particular time and travel in order to arrive at their place of work.

  • An article writer has no limitations. Who could have imagined that they can work and do the things they love even if they are stuck in the four corners of their homes?
  • Second, article writers are exposed to a wide variety of knowledge. They are beginning to learn more each day as they continue their research on a particular topic. In this case, they will not only give information to their readers but at the same time they will also learn themselves.Article-writing
  • Third, an article writer can have the freedom of choosing his own assignments. Not like in an office scenario or in a publication, it is the editors who will give you the assignments to write about.
    In this case, you have the freedom to choose which topic or assignment you want to write about.
    In a recent study, aside from the above mentioned benefits of writing, there are also some psychological benefits one can get from writing.

Here are some of them:


  • First, writing makes you happy. There are people who cannot express what they feel in words. The only way they can express it is by writing what they feel.
  • Second, writing leads to better thinking and understanding. Have you ever experienced talking to someone and then suddenly forgot what you about to say?
    Many people do experience this most of the time. In fact, some people say that what they are about to say is almost on the tip of their tongue. When writing your ideas people do not have to deal with these dilemmas that face their everyday life.
  • Third, writing helps you exercise your thinking and memory. As people age, they often experienced what others term as memory gap. This is true especially for old people. However, those who are in the article writing industry do not have any problem dealing with it. In fact, as they age their memory are becoming sharper because they are learning new things everyday. They are able to exercise their thinking prowess and develop it more and more.


What does the future hold for article writers? There’s an article that says since there are new technologies being discovered every day, they would not be surprised if one day robots will be writing articles. If this is meant to be a joke this can be also a wake up call for everyone.

There are many sites looking for writers and there will not come a time that there will be a deficiency of writers. If we continue to improve ourselves and do the things we like, there is a very bright future for article writers here and all around the world.